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History of SKAL 

The Skål movement has a history of more than 47 years in Taipei (and Taiwan). The process of organizing the Taipei club began in 1968, when a Taiwanese tourism promotion mission encountered Canadian Skål members during a visit to Vancouver. The movement gained force at a PATA Annual Congress in Taiwan, when representatives from Skål International urged the formation of a club in Taipei. Skål International Taipei came into being in May 1970. One of the original member, charter member May Tseng still actives in the club.

Membership and Cooperation

Skål Taipei has grown steadily in recent years and has a membership that now exceeds 80, comprised mainly of travel agents and hoteliers with smaller numbers of airline executives, PCOs, NTO representatives, and journalists, among others.

Skal Taiwan and Expansion

It has also helped to form two younger clubs in Taiwan, in Kaohsiung and Taichung; both are much smaller than Taipei, but both are also growing. The next target is Taiwan's relatively undeveloped east coast, where an effort is under way to organize a club in Hualien-also known as Marble City, and the point of departure for visits to the world-famous Taroko Gorge.

SKAL Annual Functions

The annual membership dues for Skål Taipei buy the members 11 annual functions:

9 monthly luncheon meetings (held a different hotel each month, on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) and 2 evening parties, one for Christmas and one for the Chinese New Year. There is also an annual National Assembly and Outing which the three Taiwan clubs take turns organizing. This is an evening event, and it also involves day tours in and around whichever city is hosting.

1982 - Skål International Taipei hosted the 11th Asian Skal Assembly

1992 - Skål International Taipei hosted the 21st Asian Skal Assembly

2008 - Skal International Taipie hosted the 69th Skal World Congress

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