The SKÅL International Taipei club was established in 1969 and has been the most prestigious and dynamic travel and tourism club in Taiwan with tourism leaders of all sectors of the travel industry as its members.
We provide monthly meeting opportunities to the members to meet and exchange ideas affecting travel and tourism, to keep close relationships with other travel industry colleagues and to be recognized as one of the foremost advocates of responsible tourism.

Recent SKÅL Events & Gatherings

Skål Taiwan Annual General Meeting
& World Tourism Day Celebration

27/09/2019 ~ 29/09/2019
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Skål International Asia Congress 2019 | Bengaluru
27/06/2019 – 29/06/2019
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Skål International Makati
Annual Celebration

New World Makati

Skål International Seoul 50th Anniversary

Four Seasons Hotel Seoul
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Skål World Congress Miami 2019
14/09/2019 – 21/09/2019
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Taipei General Meeting
Date: Wednesday, 14th August, 2019
12pm – 2pm
to be held at
Palais de Chine Hotel

General Meeting
Taichung : Please refer
Kaohsiung : Please refer


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